Save money with video conferencing

Carrying out a business meeting abroad is sometimes a necessary step to winning that crucial business deal but the cost can often mount to thousands of pounds especially when a few people are taking part in the meeting. Video conferencing provides a cheaper alternative to travelling and although it has been around for a while, it is now gaining widespread adoption due many video conferencing experts such as Lifesize now offering HD (High definition) video conferencing solutions which provides a crisp and clear picture making it feel like you are actually in the same room as the other person.

Save money with video conferencing

The cost of video conferencing is normally less than that of a flight to a neighbouring American state which means that you can speak to anyone wherever they may be whether it is for a business meeting or just a casual meeting with a friend and your only expense will be your electricity and internet bill. You can also save money on accommodation costs as you can take part in a video conferencing meeting whilst at the office or at the comfort of your own home.

Extra benefits when video conferencing

In addition to this, everything discussed during a video conferencing meetings are recorded and preserved by the videoconferencing system which not on only provides peace of mind but it also shaves a bit more off of your expenses by eliminating the need to purchase paper to record what was discussed in the meeting.

save money with video conferencing

This may be somewhat of a niche market but Doctors can now significantly increase the number patients that they can treat by setting up a Telehealth practice. The fact that that doctors have a much wider patient list at their disposal means that they can make more money but they can also treat more people as well as treat those who may not have access to a doctor such as those who are unfortunate enough to live in a third world country. Further to this, doctors won’t even need to travel to their workplace anymore as they would now be able to see their patients from the comfort of their own home with their feet up and a cup of coffee in their hand.

It is clear that video conferencing can be a real money saving solution for many of us but if you are still not convinced then video conferencing brings with it many other advantages as well.

3 benefits to video conferencing

  • Increase productivity – There is no waiting around for visas, passports and flight tickets to be arranged which means that you can have a video conferencing meeting more or less whenever and wherever you want. This ultimately allows meetings to take place earlier and business deals to be closed quicker
  • Help the environment – A flight from Los Angeles to Sydney will use 6.64 metric tons of carbon which is almost a third of what an average US household uses in a whole year. Switching to video conferencing will help you reduce your carbon footprint which will help the environment as well getting environmentalists off your back.
  • Improve customer service – With video conferencing being so easy to set up, why not use video conferencing for even small meetings where you would normally call your client over the phone. This will make your clients/customers feel that you care about them and everybody knows the benefits of keepi9ng your customers happy.

As you can see it is obvious that you definitely will save money with video conferencing.

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