Save money on DIY computer repairs.

You are probably thinking…yeah right…’I couldn’t repair a computer if my life depended on it.’ Well now days you can do anything you wish to with the help of the Internet. Every question you have can be answered somewhere on the Internet. Believe it or not, this is how I became a computer technician who has friends with real qualifications that now ring me to solve their computer problems.

This all sounds crazy but it is true. I have also created a website that offers Free Computer Help. All of the information I have learned from the Internet and by exploring and experimenting with computers is on my website. Not only did I learn everything for free, but I also make money from it as well!

You would not believe the money you can save by doing a few simple repairs yourself! I don’t want to be disrespectful, but computer repair techies are a bit like car mechanics with women except for everyone’s a women in the computer game. People just don’t know anything about computers, except for how to use them.

You can save loads of money by maintaining your computer, keeping it organised, ensuring its running at its optimal level. There are some really simple steps to follow.

At my website you can also learn to format a computer. This is the process where the hard drive is cleaned and Windows is re-installed. Your computer is restored to its new state. To get this done by a computer techie it can cost anything up to $500.

If you do not feel confident about performing in depth computer repair you can just stick to the simple things and still save money.
You could backup your data, so when something does happen you won’t have to go spend money on data recovery.

There are so many other ways to save money be DIY computer repair. Just go a browse

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