Save Money and Buy Second Hand

We all love brand spanking new stuff, but we can’t all afford it.  So if your credit card is almost at its limit, and

the money in your account is running out, then its obvious that you will need to stop spending.

If you really need the necessities, like a fridge or washing machine, then I suggest you buy them second hand.

Buying a new fridge on credit is going to cost top dollar, plus interest charged on your credit card.  Admittedly

second hand won’t look as good as new, but the minute you walk out of the store with your new fridge it

becomes second hand anyway.  So try looking around for a second hand fridge that is in great working order

and looks in a reasonable condition.  Your visitors won’t even notice, so its pointless trying to impress them.

Its easy to become dazzled by a good salesman, but buying within your means will give you a lot more peace of


If you are strapped for money, try shopping in one of the charity shops.  You would be amazed at the quality

and price of some of the clothes.  No-one will know where you bought your outfits.  The clothes are still

fashionable, because some people who donate to charities, like my sister for instance, wear their clothes for 3

months, become bored with them, and give them away to charities.  I am sure there are plenty of well off

people out there, who have more money than sense, and pay exorbitant prices for clothes with a brand name,

and then get sick of them after a few months and donate them to charity.

Second hand clothing

Second hand clothing

All it takes is a bit of spare time to sort through the clothes and find something you like.  My 9 year old son

bought me a $3.50 blouse for Christmas at a Charity Shop and I loved it and wear it all the time.  It had a brand

name and looked new, and I have had a number of compliments when I wear it.  My son was very proud of

himself that he had found such a good bargain.

I also have a friend who always looks stunning and when I asked her where she buys her clothes, you guessed

it, she said from Charity Shops.

So why not go into the Charity Shops like St Vincent De Paul or Life Line and see for yourself.  They don’t just

sell clothes, they sell furniture, books, toys, cutlery and crockery, etc.  You can save yourself a heap of money

and plus its beneficial to you and the wider community who may need help desperately.

This is a guest post from Deb Diplock from Woodford Newspaper.

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