Save Money And Beat The Back To School Budget Blow Out!

When people warned me about children costing an absolute fortune, I hate to admit that they were definitely right. Besides the usual food, clothing, and recreational costs, the biggest cost would have to be education. Getting your child back to school at the start of ever year is becoming very expensive, especially when they hit high school.

The only way to deal with these huge expenses is to plan ahead and save money for this time of year. If you do not do this, getting your children back to school will blow the family budget to pieces.
Here are some quick tips to beat the back to school budget blow out!

  • Don’t leave everything to the last minute. Break the payments up. They won’t hurt so much then.
  • Buy the common items, such as exercise books, HB pencils, and plastic folders at sale time. They are sometimes a third of the price. I ususally stock up the year before when the back to school sales start as you know the kids will always need the basics.
  • Do not take your booklist to the local newsagent. Their prices are inflated and you will end up with unnecessary items. DIY. You will save a huge amount of money.
  • Don’t just assume that you need everything that is listed on the book list either! Most of the items are things that your child already has from last year.
  • Buying second hand can save money. You can usually find school uniforms and text books in good condition. Ask at the school. Form a relationship with other mothers and teachers at the school. This way when you mention that you are looking for a particular item, someone might know someone that has it.
  • Get your children to take extra care of expensive school items that can be reused for the next year or even handed down to a younger child. Items like dictionaries, scissors, compass, calculator, pencils, and more.
  • Ask your child to bring home any unused school supplies. Sometimes they don’t even use what is on the list which is just a big money wasting disaster. I have purchased expensive maths books that have NEVER been used once in the class. This happens all the time.
  • Plan ahead. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, if you plan ahead you will save money and time.

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