Recycle your birthday cards to save money

Have you ever tried to recycle your birthday cards to save money? Well I haven’t. But the funny thing is, my 11-year-old daughter decided to give it a try. This amazing money-saving trick shocked me, as I do try to teach children to save money, however I do not remember showing her this one.
When she handed my husband a birthday card, I immediately wondered where she had got it from? I had not taken her to the shops to buy any presents or a birthday card? My daughter is very resourceful and I waited as my husband opened the birthday card.

Here is a picture of of the birthday card. When I saw the quality of the card, it was very impressive. I immediately thought she must have found an unused card around the house.
recycle your birthday cards

But then my husband opened the card. The whole family laughed! Only my 11-year-old daughter could recycle a birthday card like this.

save money on birthday cards

I guess this is not about saving money, but about using what you have around the house. It is not always necessary to buy something to make it valuable. We all had a great laugh from this recycled birthday card and it definitely proved that it is the thought that counts.

Start recycling your birthday cards now because I guarantee you will get a good laugh out of it!


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