Reasons Not To Buy Life Insurance

So you are wondering whether you should buy life insurance. Med life insurance is one of the most important investments that you can make in your loved ones’ financial future. But some people do not want to buy life insurance, even though the costs these days can be more than reasonable. Here are some of the most popular reasons not to buy life insurance:

You are okay with your family not being able to afford a decent burial for you

If you are cool with being buried in the local Potter’s Field in an unmarked grave, instead of having a grave site that your family can put flowers at during regular holidays, then life insurance is unnecessary for you. Hey, who wants to have a tombstone that has your name on it that your children and grandchildren can visit or remember you by?

Not to mention having a decent funeral to remember your life by. Who needs to have a wake or a funeral or a burial, when your loved ones can get catharsis, and talk about you and the life you lived? You can just die, and have nothing for your family to remember you by. Who needs life insurance to pay for a funeral or a burial, when you can just pass away anonymously?


You would rather your family go into debt to pay for your final expenses

Or maybe you do want a funeral, and a burial, and you want your family to sacrifice their financial future to pay for it when you pass away. Instead of having life insurance that could potentially pay for a great funeral that could comfort your loved ones, and a burial with a grave site that your children and grandchildren could visit you at one day, you would rather your family go into big time debt to pay for your funeral. Maybe your spouse can do without buying food or clothing for her or him and your children together. Perhaps your relatives can pass the hat with your friends to pay the freight for your final expenses. Who needs life insurance that could have paid for the debt?

You want to leave your loved ones destitute

If you had had a med life insurance policy, that life insurance policy could potentially pay for things like taking care of a mortgage, or car payments, or your children’s tuition, or health care costs, or even mundane things like groceries and gas and electricity. But why leave your family in a great financial state? Instead, you should leave them suffering financially, in a much worse state than when you were life and contributing to the family’s fortunes. You can rest “easy” thinking that your family will do very poorly financially if you were to pass away.

Just kidding to prove a point

Seriously, after reading this, you should have more of an idea of all of the benefits that Med life Insurance can offer you, and why you should consider buying a policy.

Lisa Swan writes for a variety of insurance sites.

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