10 Quick Tips on how to get more money when selling your house

Selling your house is a huge task and the crazy thing is that every tiny detail about your house could possibly make alot more money. On the other hand you could also make less money as well… But I would rather improve my prospects of making that extra dollar. Because we all know that every dollar counts.Below I have some tips for you on how to make more money when trying to sell your house. Of course we would all like to just rip down our houses and start again, however this is not always the way. Hopefully these tips will not cost you too much money to implement because it’s all about saving and making money for your future.

If you try some of these tips you will be sure to make a sale and maybe even make more money than you expected:

  • First appearances count: Concentrate on the front of the house and how it looks.  People will simply drive by if they see something they do not like.  Of course you cannot help it if you have the front door in the wrong place, but there is alot you can do.
  • Paint: Tidy the place up with a fresh coat of paint. This is one of the cheapest improvements you can do and it can make you the most money.
  • Correct lighting: Make sure the interior is light and spacious – airy.  Turn lights on if you have a dark room.
  • Clean and tidy: This is an obvious one but people still do not do it.. Especially if you have tenants in a house that is for sale.
  • Nice smelling: If you have a bread maker, have it going, when there is an inspection on…Hmmm Yum..Who can resist fresh bread. .Maybe you could brew a coffee, cook a cake, or whatever suits you.  Think about what makes your house smell nice.  Maybe you have some flowers in the garden – transfer these into the house, especially the bathroom, there is nothing nicer than a nice smelling bathroom!
  • DE-clutter: Get rid of excess furniture and junk. Declutter your house to make it look bigger.  This is a big one.. Do not stuff everything in the cupboards either.  Store the excess items somewhere else (like your mum’s house!!)
  • Animals: Do not have any signs of animals living in your house.  This will put off 50% of you buyers straight away.  I personally couldn’t stand living in a house where dogs and cats have been. Especially if the house had carpet!!!!! I would be dreaming about fleas and cat hair everywhere (not to mention the underneath of the carpet where the pets may have urinated)
  • Garden and fences: If you have a back yard, do not think that is doesn’t count. The backyard is just as important as the front.  Especially if the buyer has children or animals.  Secure fencing is a big plus for most people so make sure you fix any wholes or gaps.  Fences can be repaired easily with a bit of hard work.  Also make sure the lawns are mowed and tidy.  I found that everyone loves a garden – it can be small, in a large pot.  We all love the idea of growing our own herbs, vegies, etc it gives a peaceful, healthy feeling.
  • Get an honest opinion: Get someone else to come into your house and give you an honest opinion.  Not the real-estate salesperson- get a close relative to give you the brutal truth from an outsider’s point of view.
  • Give more information: Give the real-estate agent a brochure from the local council to give to any potential buyers. They usually show what facilities are available in the area… This can make a sale.  If they see there is a bus that picks you up on the corner, a school in the next block, a shopping center, or other attractions available this can be very helpful.  If you have a house in the middle of nowhere this can be valuable information.  If there are no books or brochures available, make your own list up (the local library is a great place to get these from as they usually have all the local papers, etc).

House for sale

I would love to hear any tips you have on how to sell a house to make more money…I know there are loads out there..


  1. mitz says

    I forgot to mention that I have sold a few houses, however my parents were the real buyers and sellers. They were always turning them over when the time was right.
  2. BobR says

    I have looked at alot of tips about how to get more money when selling a house and they are all the same, but not yours. The last tip about giving them information is the best. After all, when they have bought your house they will be living in the area.

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