No deposit $1,600 insulation grant from the Australian government

Previously you had to pay up front for insulation to be installed into your home, and then recieve the rebate from the Australian government. Now you can simply get the insulation istalled and only pay the excess. I am paying $64 for my whole house to get the insulation from the government. It’s free money. Who would’nt be happy with that.

There are some conditions though – a person living in their house will get the full rebate of $1,600 but if you are renting the house out (ie you are a landlord) or you have a holiday home (don’t we all wish!!)  you can get $1,000 rebate.

I suggest you ring your local insulation installer to ask for more details. Either way it is a great gift for all of us, oh yeah, and the enviroment.

Follow this link for more information

A few funny stories that people have told me when getting the insulation installed:

  • One lady had a guy come to the house that had a big whole in his shorts at the back and nothing underneath. The lady spent the whole hour trying to avoid looking at this guys behind. “He was a nice looking fella” she said when she was trying to explain the situation to her husband.
  • Another lady had the guys turn up to install the insulation and she already had a roof full. She never bothered to even check before she booked them to do it.

Free insulation


  1. BobR says

    Although this is a great money saving project for an individual household, it is costing the government millions to give this all away. It will save the average household around $200 a year in heating and cooling bills. This is great but can’t you see we are paying for it anyway. The prices are rising on everything to compensate.
  2. Felicia says

    I got a quote on my insulation. I have a 275 square metre home and a granny flat that is 70 square metres. I wanted the insulation rebate to cover both homes – you know get the excess from the granny flat put into my home! However I still have to pay $850 on top of the the $2,600 rebate. This makes the insulation $10 per square metre insulated. So just be aware that if your home is over 160 square metres you may have to pay extra.

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