New Years Resolution Stop My Children From Spending Money

My news years resolutions just fade away into no-where land, however I lowered my spending habbits in 2009 and now intend to do better in 2010. This a new years resolution that I think I can keep it.

In 2009 I paid off about 15,000.00 worth of debt, not including the home mortgage so I am very pleased with myself. What I did is I kept chipping away at it all every week…Even if I could only pay a small amount, I would still do it. Trust me, it really does all add up in the end. I was shocked when I added up the amount I had managed to pay in one year. By the way one of these was a credit card that was costing me at least $75 on month in interest alone. So now I have less bills to pay now too….

My problem was that I had too many things to pay off which created too many bills for me to pay every month. This year I have eliminated at least 3 monthly bills that were strangling me. And the thing is…now that I have achieved this, I want more… I do not want to give anyone my money by paying late fees, unecessary bank fees, and interest fees…Why should they have my money.

So my 2010 new years resolution is to cut down on spending money a bit more and save more money in order to pay more bills…
I am actually good at not spending money but its my family that wear me down.

The hardest part for me is that I have two children that expect everything. In this day and age they have not done without anything and unfortunately they are not grateful for this either. So along with the wanting, spending, expecting, their attitude is terrible.

Maybe my new years resolution isn’t about saving money, but more about knocking that terrible attitude out of my children.

I am sure there are plenty of people out there with the same problem. How can I get them to appreciate what they have around them and stop spending money on things they don’t need.


  1. Angelle says

    I don’t have new year resolution because I’m contented of what I have right now. I live life with great people, I’m contended of my work, I’m blessed with my family, friends and love ones. I just Thank the Lord of all the blessings that He gave to me.

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