Natural Cleaning Products Save Money and the earth

My wife recently cleaned our oven. Not the inside but the top. You know, around the elements where it is just burnt on. We recently have changed to natural cleaning. So when it came time for the oven, my wife used non-toxic general purpose cleaner. While this is highly concentrated, the stains were also quite old. So, she used it full strength. She didn’t need a mask or gloves to do this. She just let it soak & then the baked-on crud slowly came off with some scrubbing.

Here’s the point. The various commercial cleaners from the store contain petroleum distillates. They produce potentially deadly fumes & are harmful to our environment. Not to mention the fact they cost much more per ounce then the natural cleaners. Often their packaging is non-recyclable.The store-bought cleaners are also pre-mixed.

With the natural cleaners, you decide how strong you would like the solution. Just one quart of natural cleaner can make up to 32 gallons of safe cleaning solution. One quart of cleaner from the store equals one quart of cleaner.The natural cleaning products are just as effective as their toxic counterparts.

It’s easy to save money with organic cleaning since the products are concentrated. We have cleaned quite a few things with the cleaner so far, & still have quite a bit of concentrate left. At just pennies per quart of diluted solution, there isn’t a much more effective cleaner out there for the money.Natural cleaners are effective everywhere in the home. While the kitchen & bathroom contain most of the more harmful cleaners, they can be found in all areas.

Even air fresheners (aerosol) are harmful. Natural cleaning products can provide a safe home environment & help save money.John Marshall a.k.a. “Mr. Green Clean” is an advocate of natural cleaning.

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