Top 5 Money Saving Travel Tips

So, you want to plan a weekend escape or a week long holiday and need some money saving travel tips? With the cost of living and bills increasing each day, sometimes it can be difficult to have some spare money to plan and take a trip. Here are 5 top money saving travel tips to use when planning and traveling to your next destination.

Do your research to save money

Before booking your trip do a thorough search online and with your travel agent on the offers and destinations available. There are now 100’s of online sites that have great combined packages and deals including airfare and accommodation. They may also have some last minute deals that include activities or meals in the price. Friends and family are also a great resource when planning your next trip. They may be able to provide you with insights that can only come from those who have traveled there before you.

Money Saving Travel Tips

Choose accommodation with a kitchen!

Buying 3 meals a day when on holidays can certainly bump up your travel costs. When looking at where to stay, ensure your accommodation comes with an area where you can prepare meals at home before you set out for the day. Getting some groceries including cereals for breakfast can also help with keeping your food costs down. This also helps if you are traveling with dietary needs/allergies, as you can safely prepare your food on your own.

Stay close to public transport

Getting around whilst on holiday can also at times be costly. Buses, trains and trams are usually the more economical options in comparison to taxi’s or hiring a vehicle. Another benefit is that you experience your surroundings like a local and see things you may not have experienced in a cab. There may also be savings when purchasing public transport tickets in bulk, or buying family passes.

Prepaid Tickets – Money Saving Travel Tips

When visiting attractions at your holiday destination, it’s a good idea to try and pre-book and pay for entry tickets. Some may also allow you to buy “passes” if you pre-pay so that you can enjoy the attraction multiple times during your visit. This also saves you time by not having to line up at the entrance and go straight through to enjoy your day. On hot days, or when it’s raining this is certainly an added bonus.

Don’t take all of your credit cards with you!

Holidays are great to help you feel relaxed, less stressed and overall happy! The danger of this is that you may also be inclined to shop big and spend up large! While the wonderful feeling of “I bagged a bargain” is there initially, you may start to question some of your purchase decisions once you are home looking at your credit card bills. Set a spending travel budget before you leave, and stick to it!

Everyone needs and deserves to take a break now and again. By keeping in mind some of these tips, you may be able to have enough in your budget to book your next holiday destination. Even better, you may go on holidays and come back with some cash to put towards your next trip!

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  1. Beverly says

    Thanks for the great tips. Whenever we planned for a travel, we always opt in renting apartments. Hotels sometimes have hidden costs. Apartments are economical plus they have the kitchen.

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