Money Saving Tips

I love saving money and I actually collect money saving tips. Sounds silly, but I am one of those people who love to come home with a bargain in hand.

I have a list of 44 money saving tips so far. Enjoy! 🙂

  1. Don’t spend any money unless you need the item. Let the cob webs grow.
  2. Do a budget to see what money you need each month. Add $100 and you might be close.
  3. Grow a vege garden. Even if you have to do it in pots on a veranda.
  4. Have a cow. Get chickens.
  5. Reduce your bills…Cut the internet off.. (yeah right)
  6. Car pool or take the bus, or even worse….WALK.
  7. If you have to drive, do it conservatively and do not be a lead foot! No burn outs to ruin your tyres OK?
  8. Cut your own hair. Buy some of those electric clippers for the boys. Get a ruler out so everything is straight.
  9. Make your own cheap dog and cat food. (for the dog or cat)
  10. Use the barter system. Swap your services or surplus goods with others.
  11. Turn off lights you don’t need. Unplug cords. Turn off standby lights on tv’s. Take the bulbs out. Calm down that is overboard!
  12. Wash and detail your own car. It won’t hurt you! I have even done this…once.
  13. Do your own oil change. Its not as hard as you think. Does involve dirt and grease though.
  14. Don’t waste food. Freeze unused food and plan when to eat it. You can always feed it to the relatives. (in-laws)
  15. Use no name food for your pantry basics like flour, sugar, rice, etc. Unless you are trying to keep up with the Joneses?
  16. Don’t buy expensive cleaning products. Vinegar,bicarb soda, vanilla essence, and eucalyptus oil cleans everything.
  17. Don’t pay for tv!!!! Get outside and see the world or go on the internet and see the world!
  18. Give up all the fun stuff, smoking, drinking, going out to dinner, movies, and all the other treats. Lock yourself up!
  19. Just be happy with smelling the roses because that’s all the entertainment that’s left. (not true, there’s other things)
  20. Become a vegetarian. Eat from your vege garden and loose weight at the same time.
  21. Bake your own bread and cakes. Avoid buying pre-made sweets and crisps.
  22. Give up your daily espresso fix. (This is the only one I will not give up)
  23. Use the local library for cheap entertainment and education for the kids.
  24. Get rid of the bludgers and sponges that hang around you.
  25. Teach your children to save money for the future. They are experts at spending your money, now teach them to spend theirs!
  26. Rent a room out in your house. Just don’t get a bludger in that eats all your food and uses your shampoo.
  27. Go shopping with a list and stick to it. (And don’t pretend you lost the list)
  28. Buy in bulk if you can. It saves you a crazy amount of money. Join in with a few families for more buying power. Just make sure they all pay their share!
  29. Get rid of credit card debt. That means pay it off. Freezing it or chopping it up does not get rid of the debt!
  30. Create some passive income and make sure it keeps rolling in even when you have a hangover!
  31. Keep all your receipts after shopping so you can return the items. Not saying you should use them first though..
  32. Don’t go anywhere. As soon as you walk out the door it will cost you money. Becoming a hermit is a cheap way to live.
  33. Appreciate everything for what it’s worth. Reuse, recycle, and buy a second hand stuff.
  34. Don’t be a snob! Not sure if this could save you money but I just do not like SNOBS!
  35. Plan your life so you are not spending money at the last minute. Planning will save you money. (boring)
  36. Do not take your children grocery shopping with you. ( or your husband, or wife, or your mother-in-law)
  37. Do not waste food, only buy what you need. Would you throw money in the bin?
  38. Why don’t you try Collaborative Consumption? Or maybe you can look it up in the dictionary.
  39. Boil the jug once a day, store the rest of the hot water in a Thermos for later. (now that’s going a bit far)
  40. Water costs money so turn the tap off when brushing your teeth, or just skip brushing your teeth?
  41. Leave your wallet at home and let everyone else pay. Joking you scab!
  42. Use a hot water bottle instead of an electric blanket, put more clothes on or get under a blanket before turning the heater on.
  43. Repair your shoes, darn your socks, and put patches on your denim jeans. Don’t buy new stuff when things can be mended.
  44. Get some advice from someone with a bit of experience. Why are you reading this?