Buying One Coffee Per Day At $4 = $1460 Per Year – OPEN YOUR EYES And Stop Wasting Money

These are backward money saving tips. I am simply going to show you the facts which will probably overtly encourage you to save money. I know for a fact that you will see one shocking fact here that will apply to you.

Buying one coffee a day at $4 = $1460 a year. Did you even think about spending over $1000 on a coffee machine. I am guessing you didn’t.

See the photo below. Some people buy more than one coffee a day, trust me I know!


Buying lunch for work at $12 a day, 5 days a week = $60 a week times 52 weeks = $3120 a year. People do this you know!

Buying a sandwich each day at $5 = $1825 a year. Or buy two because they look so good!

buy a sandwich

Ok what about a sandwich and a coffee a day at $9 = $3285 a year.

Going out to dinner twice a week for two people can be $80 a week times 52 weeks = $4160 a year. This is calculated on the cheapest food possible, not including any drinks or extras.

Going out to dinner once a week with a family of four $100 a week times 52 weeks = $5200 a year.

Buying a bottle of water a day at $2 = $730 a year.

water bottles

Taking a taxi everyday for $10 can cost $3650 a year.

Renting a house for $350 a week = $18,200 a year.

Paying $10 a week too much on your electricity bill = $520 a year.

Paying $70 for 5 people to see a movie once a month = $840

Buying $10 worth of fruit every week and then letting it go bad. That’s $520 worth of rotten fruit.

wasting fruit - wasting money

Buying 20 jars of spaghetti sauce at $.99 is a bargain but then you waste 15 of them by letting them go out of date = $15 loss.

Getting charged $29 a month on a forgotten fee on your phone bill =$348.00 a year. I did this when I had a mobile internet connection I didn’t use.

$75 a month payment on a credit card over 2 years =  $1800 or $900 a year.

Buying 2 packets of cigarettes per week at $23.00 a packet = $2392 a year.

Some people buy one packet of cigarettes a day at $23.00 which = $8372 a year.

1 packet of cigarettes a day at $24.95 and a soft drink $4.40 (which a friend of mine does) = $10712.75 a year.

A night out at the local pub can cost $100 and that once a month is $1200 a year.

Saving Money Tips

1. If you can bank $20 a day for 10 years which= $73,000 with 5% compound interest you can add another $21,463.00 to that total.

2. Paying $25 a week extra on a 204,000.00 loan will save you $36,584.86 as shown below.

loan calculator

3. Put away $5 a day for a child for 20 years. That’s $35 a week. You deposit $36,400.00 but with compound interest you make an extra $19,227.00. In total it adds up to $55,627.00. That would make a very nice 21st gift don’t you think?

Saving 5 dollars a day

See more money saving tips here.

Now just say you only do two things on my list. For example you drink one bought coffee a day and you buy cigarettes, this is enough to keep you in the poor house, or maybe just stop you from ever getting ahead. Why not swap a coffee for a savings account instead?

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