Money saving tips for the worldwide 2009 recession

My mother kept warning me about the great depression, and how it could happen again. But I don’t think we expected a recession in 2009. Anyway now all those people that used to waste money are trying to actually be careful now.

Some serial money wasters are now tightening their belts to prepare for what might be ahead.

Grow your own vege patch. Don’t be lazy and say you have no time. Join the club. Wake up to yourself, who has got time these days? Just get off your bum and do it!!!  Even if you only grow a few things to swap with your friends. You could grow spinach and swap it with a friend that has eggs…


Start using the bartering system. If you get something cheap, share it with your friends and hopefully they will reciprocate. I have a group of friends that are into bartering and they are great, but do not get involved with people that just take take take…

Cut your grocery bill down. Stop buying those expensive brands. Flour is flour in a different package. Sugar is sugar, and so on. If you think people are looking in your trolley to see what you are buying, you are being paranoid. Maybe you should see a phyciatrist. Check out 50 Fantastic Tips for Grocery Shopping and Why is everyone keeping up with the Jones’s

Make sure you have freezer. I know this sounds stupid but having a decent sized freezer can save you hundreds of dollars. See What food and drink can you freeze to save money. Buy bulk foods when they are on special and also freeze unused food before its used by date.

Don’t buy what you don’t need. That’s pretty obvious but people still do it anyway. If you have towels with a few tears in them, who cares? They will still dry you. If you have no towels at all, them buy some because you NEED them.  See Do you have a shopping and spending money problem? and Things that make entice you to spend more money


  1. Melanie says

    Don’t go out unless you have to. Petrol is going up again and is better to save your trips and put all the chores you need to do together. Plan to do a few things when driving a car. Don’t just go out to do one job.


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