Is the government $8,000.00 solar power rebate finished?

If you didn’t know about the $8,000.00 rebate for a solar power unit for home owners, you must be living under a rock. It is an amazing offer but is it at risk of finishing up early. There is a new solar power rebate for 2011.

To qualify applicants must:

  • Be the homeowner or mortgagee of the house (or townhouse / villa / retirement villa) in which they reside, no rentals or apartments.
  • Have approximately 5.4m (along the gutter) x 1.5m (up to ridge line) of unshaded rooftop space available that is facing as close as possible to North (NE or NW ok). Clear capping and edges by 200mm.
  • Have a combined household taxable income below $100, 000 pa.
  • Live within South East Queensland (from Coolangatta to Toowoomba to Bundaberg, including all of SE Queensland)
  • Be connected to the mains electricity grid and have an electricity account.
  • Be the rate payer for the address at which they reside.
  • Sign the $8000 Federal Government Rebate and the RECs to Free Solar Pty Ltd.
  • Have a metal or tiled roof, no asbestos or fibro roofs please.
  • Fill out the online “Register now” form on this website.
  • Pay the fully refundable $1499 deposit to Free Solar.

This information was gathered from the website, however when I revisited the site today it has a notice saying that applications have closed for this month. I am hoping they re-open it soon because I have told so many people about this.

How could you not go for this…You pay a deposit of $1499 and you get it back when the grant has been paid to the company. After that you own the entire solar power unit that will save you big dollars on your household expenses…



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