Invest in Gold Coins – Forget the Stock Market

Have you ever wondered why other people collect, sell, or buy coins; especially those made from gold? Some people think that is a waste of time and more importantly, money. Why buy gold coins when you are spending money for money?  Well gold coins are a way to own gold.  And rather than stocks which go up and down, gold remains one of the only investments that continues to grow in value year after years. Just look at the value of gold over the last decade and you can see the price keeps increasing.

When people buy gold coins, they are not merely collecting, but are actually investing. But there are two kinds of people who buy gold coins. Some are those who really collect and some are those who buy for business purposes. If you like the designs and when you like feeling and holding the coins, then, you are a collector and would rather keep the coins than sell it. But if you are particular with the price of the coins, your primary goal is to store up gold coins, and are concerned with the rising an falling value of the gold, then, you are no doubt an investor. Well, even as a collector, you can still always buy with a view towards making a profit someday and actually, many of the collectors have this kind of mindset. So, basically, they are both an investor, just on different levels. But how does one buy good gold coins?invest in gold coins

Invest in gold coins – Tips and tricks

Buying gold coins, some think, is a complex thing but it really is just simple. Once you have found a good dealer and when you know how to identify good gold coins then you are all set. But if you are a beginner in buying and selling gold coins, then here are some tips that might help you’.

  • If you are still planning to buy gold coins, then you might as well have a plan for the storage – all the additional costs and security storage – for as what they said, gold should not go unprotected.
  • Gold coins come in a wide variation. Their sizes, weights and kinds really matter in determining their worth and value. You should also take note of gold bullion and numismatic gold coins.
  • Gold bullion coins are those that are nearly pure gold and numismatic gold coins are what they call collector’s items since they are rare and are part of the limited edition types of coins.
  • The best coins to buy if you are planning to sell them later are the gold bullion coins. Some of the most popular gold bullion coins that you might want to buy include South African Kruggerands, Austrian Philharmonics, American Eagles and Buffaloes, Canadian Maple Leafs, and Chinese Pandas.

Common mistakes people make when they invest in gold coins

After being acquainted with the two basic kinds of gold coins, you must know the top mistakes people make when buying gold.

  • Price matters but it doesn’t mean you should go looking for cheap priced gold coins and avoid dealing with a lot of dealers because obviously, it will create confusion on your part.
  • Also, remember that when you have already bought those gold coins, do not remove them from their packaging since their value would decrease.

These are just the basics of buying gold coins. Buying gold coins is a method for wealth protection, profit potential and also because when you buy gold coins it has intrinsic value that can’t be wiped out by a currency crisis or a collapse in economic stock market.

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