How to Use Coupon Codes to Promote Your Business

Coupon codes are discount offers, rebates or promotions that a particular business makes in order to increase their sales. Although, the term Coupon Codes is not new, nowadays it is frequently used for online store offerings. Coupon codes are simply alphanumeric codes, which represent different types of discounts on different products and services. Among different types of discounts are buy 1 get 1 free, percentage (50%) discounts, gift hampers on buying a product and so on.

Customers love to save money so do business owners. Coupon codes are used to market or promote a business by attracting lucrative prospects to the product or the whole business. It is one of those potential marketing methods, which is usually used while establishing new business, to snatch the customers from previously established similar businesses.

Distribute Coupon Codes after Proper Analysis

Coupon codes should be announced after proper analysis. That?s because improper announcement of discount, or offering a discount you cannot afford, can result in a drastic loss in the end. One must consider the following:

  1. * Choose the proper type of discount you should offer.
  2. * Decide for how long you should allow an offer to last. If the time is too less, it will not be able to increase your sales and if you allow it for a longer time, people will simply delay their visit and might even ignore it due to its easy availability.
  3. * Pick a proper amount of discount to offer after complete financial analysis.
  4. * Your intention is not to increase your sales during offer but to increase the sales in normal times. Predict the time it will take you to cover up the cut in profit during the discount offer.
  5. * Make sure one coupon code is used by only one customer. Otherwise the code can be shared among many friends and relatives, which will cut more of your profit.
  6. * Don’t offer discounts too frequently. Offering discount too frequent will cut your sales in normal periods to an extent that the increase in sales in discount periods will only equalize the loss. Thus, the offers will go futile and you will get no extra profit.
  7. * If you over-discount a product, you will take longer time to cover up the cut in profit and hence your offer will go in vein.
  8. * Make sure you can deal with the high traffic that will come to you after you have announced a promotion.

Target the right audience

Approaching the right people is one of the biggest factors affecting a marketing campaign. If not considered properly, all the hardships during street marketing may go futile. Nowadays, marketing has adapted to the internet.

Use the internet wisely, create proper mailing lists and use social networks to target highly productive audience. Street marketing can also be used to distribute coupon codes. Offer different discounts to different customers. There are permanent customers, temporary customers and first time visitors, who are all to be dealt with separately.

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