How To Save Money On The Office Christmas Party

The Office Christmas party is a notorious annual event, with the costs being ridiculously high and venues looking to make a quick buck off you when you book. How does one save money, while still making an effort to thank your dedicated and hardworking employees for their tireless work throughout the year?

Here are three different ways to have an office party that does not break the bank:

Number One – Host A Cock Tail Party

Instead of the traditional meal and drinks after party that is both boring and highly expensive, why not go for a cocktail party. In order to limit the expenses, pre-book a room at the local hotel or hall for the event. Furthermore, limit the drinks choices to eggnog, punch, sparkling wines and fruit juices. As for the eats: serve light cheese puffs, stuffed celery sticks or vegetables with a dip. Place some background Christmas music, hang up a few decorations and let employees mingle with their colleagues.

Number Two – Have A Recipe Contest

Plan a lunch time party in the office, making use of the cafeteria or break room. Let the employees know that you will provide the basic drinks, music and décor and it is up to them to do snacks. Let each person prepare their favourite Christmas meal. Assign categories to the employees to work within: appetizers, main meals and desserts.

During the office party provide people with pens and cards to vote with. After the meal tally the votes and give the winner of each category a prize and a small consolidation prize to all participants. This will encourage employees to partake, but ensure it is a fun and festive affair, not a competitive one.

Number Three – Hit The Outdoors

Instead of a typical office party, why not do a sports day with your employees. Hire out the local bowling alley, action cricket hall or paintball field and take the afternoon off. This is a fun way to get out and socialise with your employees, letting them relax and unwind from the stressful year. One could provide easy take out foods or a few simple snack trays and drinks for the employees to keep them refreshed.

To conclude, an office party does not need to be an expensive outing. Tailor the party to suit the office employees wants. Remember the important part is having fun, team building and showing your employees that you are grateful for all the hard work they did throughout the year.

I am Greg Jones and I love office parties, whether it is hired function venues in Cape Town or an outdoor activity. As a property loans expert, I have been fortunate to be at a wide variety of Christmas parties and I find that ones that are tailored to suit the style of the office is often best, so relax and unwind… I know I can’t wait to do the same.

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