How To Make Money Online – 6 Easy Ways

Making money on the internet isn’t a piece of cake, like many Gurus want you to think, but it is a lot easier than any other way. You don’t have to be a techie freak to earn money online. You can start with easy ways, and if you are persistent enough, you can make a comfortable living just from your money making ideas. Here are a few ways you can start right now to make online income:


You can buy, sell and resell virtually anything. Head over to a various auctions. Go to your thrift stores and look for a good deal. eBay can be a  very lucrative way to start. I was making an average $500 per week from eBay. I personally know one guy who was buying golf equipment, especially golf sticks in bulk, from Goodwill. He later sold every piece for 10 even 100 times higher price!!! Thrift stores can be a great resource for your eBay business. For example, two months ago I have found Kenwood receiver almost new for $25. I sold it the same day for $230. Great deal, huh?


If you already have a blog, it would be easy. If you don’t have it, think about your hobbies. What would you like to write about ?Turn your passion into blog money sucking machine. If you write quality content more often on your blog and promote it on social networks, you can drive traffic to your blog very fast. Then all you have to do is to apply for Google Adsense program (Google to find more about it). That way you will have a passive income. I am not saying you will earn hundreds of dollars every day (although is possible), but you will make another income stream based on autopilot.

Virtual assistant

Many small business owners don’t want to hire a full time assistant. You can use this leverage by applying for a virtual assistant position. This can be a great opportunity  to earn money, because you can earn up to $20 per hour. Just search for the virtual assistant work from home opportunities.

Mobile Applications Tester

You want get filthy rich with this job, but you can still earn a decent money of this method. You can test Android or iPhone apps, discover possible errors and get payed for it. I would suggest to start with the website called “uTest”. There you will get more information about this job.

Become an Affiliate

Head over to ClickBank and search for the interesting products. See for the gravity and other parameters that can be useful to measure the success of selling that product. Then go to Fiverr and find gigs such as “I will promote your product to my xxx followers” . All you have to do is to provide them your affiliate link.  The more you are in affiliate marketing, the more knowledge you will get. You can become a very successful affiliate marketer in less than 8 months. Affiliate marketing is one of my biggest online income streams.


This is a great way to earn money from your hobbies. Head over the Fiverr website and look for the various gigs. There are some pretty useful gigs and there also are some very bizarre gigs. You know what? They are all making money. Take a closer look to various Fiverr gigs, to get an inspiration about what you can do to earn money there. For example, you can search for great PLR free products and then resell it on the Fiverr. You can offer a video testimonial of someone else products. You can draw, write, anything. Think about your skills and how to use it to earn money on Fiverr.

These would be just a few tips based on my own experience when I was starting to make money online. Remember, you need to be persistent and I am sure you will be successful. Don’t give up.

Dennis Kay is an internet marketer since 2007. He likes to share his knowledge with the blog readers. Currently he is a content writer for Money Making Ideas website, where he is writing about great internet marketing ideas on the “free coaching from the scratch” section.

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