Holiday Savings – World’s Cheapest Destinations

You don’t need to spend a small fortune to visit some of the most fascinating and beautiful places in the world. Whether you’re after stunning scenery, a bustling city or simply want to relax in the sun, there is somewhere in the world where you can go at minimum cost. We’ve listed our top five cheap destinations for the budget traveller.


Vietnam holidays are some of the best value in the world. How can you say no to a beautiful place where you can get a meal for less than a dollar and a decent room with change from a twenty?

Vietnam isn’t all about the low prices however; it boasts over a thousand kilometers of stunning coastline, lush green forests and one of the most interesting histories and cultures in the world. Be warned though that Vietnam is the second fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, so cheap holidays there won’t be available for much longer.


In the past decade, tourism in Bulgaria has grown tremendously. Although Europe can be notoriously expensive, Bulgaria has remained very affordable for even the most budget traveller.

With a breathtakingly rugged coastline that has the Black Sea lapping at its shores, Bulgaria has managed to retain much of its Eastern European charm despite rising tourist numbers. However, prices are set to increase since recently joining the European Union – so there’s never been a better time to visit this wonderful destination.


Egypt has something to offer everyone – whether you’re after the hustle and bustle of central Cairo, the awe-inspiring history of the Pyramids of Giza or you simply want to relax on the shores of the dazzling Red Sea in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh. Despite offering some of the world’s most fascinating opportunities for tourists, Egypt remains as one of the most affordable destinations in the world.


The little-known country of Nicaragua is nestled in between Costa Rica and Honduras in the heart of Central America, and is the ideal way to experience this magnificent region while saving money. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, Nicaragua has some of the most spectacular coastline in the world.

Tourism in Nicaragua is growing at around 20 percent a year largely thanks to the fact that everything there is so cheap. Not only this but you be spoilt for choice with things to do ranging from volcano hiking, Caribbean cruises, world-class nightlife and charming colonial towns.


Despite being one of the poorest countries in the world, Ethiopia has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller. From the untouched dramatic landscape through to the enchanting and fascinating remote villages – Ethiopia is a magical place to visit for one of the world’s ultimate cheap holidays.
Food, accommodation and activities are some of the cheapest in the world – and you can live like a king for less than $50 per day or comfortably on around $20. When travelling to Ethiopia – or any other developing country – you should always try to use travel companies that give back to the community you are visiting and cause minimal damage to the environment.

Article by Richard Greenwood from Flight Centre. Richard has a love for travel which has taken him across much of Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Flight Centre is a leading travel agent in a range of countries including Australia, UK, Canada and offers cheap flights across the world including London flights with a lowest airfare guarantee.

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