Do You Need To Hire Movers or Do It Yourself? 5 Questions To Ask

Moving takes planning and special arrangements or it can end up being a colossal hassle, and when figuring out all the details one of the issues to consider will be whether to hire movers or do it yourself?

Sometimes a move can be accomplished without the help of any movers at all while other moves might require a whole team for packing and loading of a family’s possessions onto the truck. Important questions about the moving process include:

1. How Much Furniture Needs To Be Moved?

A one bedroom apartment can hold a lot of furniture, but an entire house with four bedrooms would hold a lot more. Even though a small living space might benefit from movers, home owners with a lot of stuff will likely need to consider the assistance of a full-scale moving company, like ADT demenagement, who excel in moving stuff cautiously.

General wisdom suggests that a house of four bedrooms or larger should have professional involvement in multiple stages of the move including prep, packing, and transport. Anything smaller is up to the home owner or apartment dweller as far as the value versus the cost of professional movers.

2. What’s The Distance To Be Moved?

A move across town may certainly benefit from assistance from movers, but if a family’s entire household is moving just a few miles, it might be worth hiring a moving company just for the loading and unloading of possessions. Packing stuff up for brief transport is a lot easier than packing items for travel across the country.moving house

In most cases, professional movers would be a good idea for any move that would take the family out of state or across the country. Driving a vehicle capable of holding an entire household takes some training or advanced driving knowledge, and this is the best use of a moving company.

3. What Is The Timeframe For The Move?

Short moving timelines mean a family may benefit enormously from hiring movers. For moves where everything has to be packed up in a matter of days, movers are going to be a family’s best bet. Experienced movers can pack up a four bedroom house in a single day while the family might take weeks to get the same job done.

4. Are Family Or Friends Available To Help?

For anyone who has a lot of friends or extended family members living nearby, getting help with things like loading and unloading the truck is easy. However, the chaos of family members might mean that the destination becomes a disaster zone with furniture and boxes all over the place.

If funds and budget are a concern, friends and family are unquestionably the way to go for help with moving.

5. What Types Of Possessions Are Involved In The Move?

Even if a family has a ton of stuff to be moved, they might not have a lot of breakable items. One family might have tons of china, expensive appliances, and breakable antique furniture while another family might have old couches, basic kitchen supplies, and fewer valuables.

Assistance in packing and loading valuable or breakable items is recommended since extra cushioning or padding would be provided by the movers during transport.

Usually, the decision to hire movers or do it yourself will depend on whether a family wants to deal with the hassle of moving on their own, or whether having everything go a little smoother with movers would be a better option.

Robert Dole has worked as a residential mover and packer for 4 years. To learn more about the All Star Move team, visit us at

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