Having your life organized can save you money and time

I don’t know what your life is like, however mine is an everyday rat race. Running around like an idiot, working, taking children here and there, cleaning, cooking, and volunteering. If you organize your life you will breeze through all your daily chores, save money, and be much happier!

There is no doubt that not being organized causes unnecessary high stress levels and always definitely costs me money. The first and simplest way to save money for everyone is to make your lunch to take to school or work. With a household of 2 adults and two children, bought lunch can cost at least $30.00 a day, and that’s cheap! If you spent even just $10 during the week days on takeaway food all year it would cost $2,600.00. If you were organized you could save that money and use it more wisely.

My top tips for organizing your life

  • De-clutter your house. Is anyone really ever happy to live in a pig sty? I don’t think so. If your house is a mess your life will become one too. Start on one cupboard or one room at a time. It really does make you feel good!
  • Create a checklist of jobs and work your way through them. Don’t let unfinished jobs keep you awake at night. By the time you say you plan to do something, you probably could have already done it by now.
  • Delegate a small job to each member of the family. Let them know why you are organizing your life and let them know the benefits to this. If they start to see a change and they like it, I am sure they will join in.
  • Always have food in your fridge. Even if you have to freeze some meals.
  • Throw out any papers that you do not need. Why have you got a household electrical bill from the year 2000. I am sure they know that the bill is paid by now. If you think you definitely will need that piece of paper, then keep it. A maybe is not a good reason to hold onto unnecessary paper.
  • Help other family members to get organized in their own lives and then set rules for them to stick to. I have a simple rule for my children. If your room is clean you can have friends over, however if it is not clean, don’t even ask.
  • Make work and school lunches the night before. That way you won’t be able to use the “run out of time factor” when you have to buy your lunch.
  • Have a place for everything. Just think. Your family will never have to run around the house at the last minute looking for something important because they will know where it is. If my child brings something new into the house I always ask them where they are going to keep it? Everything has a place!
  • Organize your wallet, handbag, and purse. This is a dead give-away that you are not an organized person.
  • Organize your time. Time is money, and having no time will always cost .
  • Clean your desk! Albert Einstein said “If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Feel free to comment and add your own organizing tips!


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