Getting Rich The Simple Way By Saving

I’ve thrown my hat into the ring for many causes over the course of my life. I’ve tried saving the whales, saving the baby seals; I even tried saving Tibet one time. By the time I purchased the official T-shirts, bumper stickers and DVD orientation for these worthwhile causes, I realized the one thing I wasn’t saving was my money. If you don’t have a pending lawsuit against a whale poacher that’s going to net you a windfall or a great uncle who is going to leave you a cottage in Tibet for your inheritance, you can still get rich the simple way and that’s by saving your money.

When you’ve taken the necessary first steps of saving money, the next phase for financial success is parlaying into saving the cash. Saving money may have gotten a bad wrap from people saying how hard it is and how much they have to sacrifice but when you break it down, saving money is simply not spending it. You’re not being sent off to some slave labor camp and you can still enjoy freedoms of humanity, you’ll just be doing so in Tough Stuff jeans and generic shoes.

Almost everyone will tell you that long term financial security heavily outweighs the satisfaction of instant gratification from buying that current hot CD or celebrity endorsed smell.  After you’ve saved enough money to gain your financial independence, you’ll then have the ability to splurge on J-Lo’s newest fragrance without creating a wormhole in your monthly budget and that is truly being rich.


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