Furnishing Your House On The Cheap – 6 Tips

Everyone wants a designer home but unfortunately not everyone can afford such luxuries. For those wanting to make a few home improvements on a small budget then look no further.

1. Bargain

Everyone is well aware of the current financial climate and fortunately for customers it’s not only them who are affected. Businesses are feeling the pinch too so don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. At the very least you could make savings on delivery costs. check out the goods first and remember if you don’t ask you don’t get!

2. Online Discounts

This can be beneficial for everyone, regardless of their tastes. Even if you have your heart set on a top of the range dining table in a high end department store don’t rush into buying it there and then. Go home and check their website as lots of companies offer online discounts. Search further and see if their competitors are offering a similar item cheaper.

3. Free Furniture

Unfortunately if you’re on a tight budget you can’t turn your nose up at a freebie! Websites such as snaffleup.co.uk and freecycle.org advertise unwanted second hand furniture. Lots of unwanted furniture and stuff that’s too good to throw away is waiting for a good home.

Websites such as these may require a donation of an item of furniture in exchange but if you’re de-cluttering your home there is presumably lots you want to get rid of too.chambre_luxe_baignoire_baroque

4. Second Hand Shops

Once avoided like the plague but now seen as ‘green’, ‘cheap’ and most of all ‘vintage.’ Ask any fashionista or interior designer and they will tell you that vintage is most definitely in. Go into any boutique and you will find old items for astronomically high values. Go into a second hand shop or a charity shop and you will find the exact same quality products for a fraction of the price!

5. DIY

You have to be in the trade to make subtle differences that will transform lifeless rooms. It’s remarkable the differences that can be made with a tin of paint.

Whether restoring colour to a dull room or wooden furniture take care not to destroy your house. If you want you paint job done properly with a little bit of research from experts like muraledesign, the visitors will be asking for the number of the decorator you used! Don’t just stick to paint, even little things such as new door handles can feel like an innovative change.

6. Maximise Your Room

Even if you a have a small room, simple changes can be made to maximise its size. Throw out or swap any unwanted furniture and already your room is larger.

Pick a focal point, whether it’s a fantastic painting or a breath-taking view outside and point sofas and dining tables towards it. Visitors will be so mesmerised by the view they’ll be queuing up to come back.

Have I missed anything? If you’ve got any helpful tips you’d like to share don’t be afraid to comment below!

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