Fundraise With Candy Bars!

Community members in Forks, WA eagerly anticipate the fall season every year for many reasons, but one reason in particular is because the 8th graders will all be carrying their cases of chocolate. This fundraiser in Forks is a traditional fundraiser that has been going on for decades to send the entire class to Seattle for a field trip at the end of the year. In September, community members will start asking people if they know any kids in the 8th grade. People will stop random kids carrying the easy to carry boxes to buy some of the beloved chocolates. Because the fundraiser has been going on for so long, it has become very successful. Kids go door-to-door, walk in to businesses, sell to all their family and friends, and even sell to kids in other grades. Forks, WA is just one example of how easy and lucrative selling candy bars as a fundraiser can be.

Everyone Wins (a site for fundraising ideas and tools) claims that, “The candy bar fundraiser is a tradition of continuing success.” This is true, in part because who doesn’t love candy bars? Even the rare person who doesn’t knows someone who does. Everyone wins! With prices as low as $1, people can justify helping out. Compared with a $10 tin of popcorn or $20 pizza kits, a candy bar is a steal! After all, almost everyone can scrounge up one dollar at least. If the seller knows 50 people who can spare a dollar, they just sold 50 candy bars.

Easy as Pie

Another great thing about selling candy bars is that it is just about the easiest way to make money. The seller receives the candy bars, finds buyers, gives the product and collects the money. It’s easy as pie! There is no taking down names and addresses, collecting money, receiving products and then distributing them. There is no order organizing either, as is the case with most other fundraisers. Sales are immediate and transaction is over and done within minutes. What could be easier?

The Others

Other common fundraisers such as Girl Scout Cookies, carwashes, and bake sales require too much time, commitment, and planning. Girl Scout Cookies (thought maybe slightly easier to sell due to the name) require organizing orders as mentioned above. Carwashes require a good part of one’s day, manual labor, a good location, and supplies. Also, carwashes require multiple people to be successful. If people back out at the last minute (which happens a lot), one or two people are stuck doing all the work. Bake sales are extremely popular and also successful in terms of sales. However, after all the baking and products required, it is really that profitable.

There is a reason that more and more groups are turning to selling candy bars as a fundraiser. This fundraiser is quickly becoming more commonly seen than any other traditional fundraiser due to all the positives to this idea. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make money for your group, look into selling candy bars!

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