Fraudulent Activity Involving the E-pay Terminal

Recently we have seen fraudulent activity involving the e-pay terminals! These are terminals that allows stores to sell mobile phone credit.

Luckily most store owners have read warning information that had been published in the August . This information was provided by e-pay to help you prevent fraudulent issues.

Avoid Fraudulent Activity Involving the E-pay Terminal

* Always ensure payment is processed before you hand over a voucher or gift card

* Only accept cash payment for cash products (including ukash and Visa)

* Never give anyone your secure e-pay terminal pin

* Never give out a voucher code over the phone or in person without prior payment

* If you’re suspicious of fraud, immediately call e-pay customer service on 1300 301 408

* Only use this phone number for customer service

* Do not process refunds once the customer has left the store

E-pay products are great sellers and increase your customers’ basket spend in store. However it is important that you follow these simple tips for safe selling.

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