Five Ways to Dine Out for Less

One crime that many of us are guilty of is that of over-indulging ourselves in scrumptious restaurant meals despite our limited financial resources.

While there is nothing wrong with treating ourselves to a fun night on the town and a favorite meal, it is important that we put these kinds of expenses in proper perspective. The fact is that eating out with your family of four can easily cost you anywhere from $50-$100, depending on the restaurant. Do that once or twice a week and you are talking about a sizable dent in your budget.

To get the best of both worlds, we’ve put together a list of five tips to help satisfy your craving for good food without compromising your budget.

1.    Ask about “Trial Nights”

Many of us may not know that there is an honest way for you to get a free meal without any underlying conditions. The secret is to scout for newly opened fine dining spots that conduct trial nights or practice runs to entice new customers. Take advantage of these special offers and get to enjoy great meals without having to feel guilty afterwards about over spending.

2.    Look for Coupons

Hundreds of fast food chains and restaurants offer online coupons to promote their food and win over new customers. As there is a wide range of restaurants to choose from, you will never run out of affordable choices. From Dickeys BBQ discounts to printable Hometown Buffet coupons, almost all bistros and cafes today have their coupons posted on the internet.

3.    Choose Off Peak Hours

Chances are that your favorite restaurants offer lower priced menus during their off peak hours. Lunch, for one, is always a more affordable time to eat out. Rather than spend a few dollars more on your evening dinner, why not ask your friends to have a lunch get together instead. If dinner is your only option, then make sure to scout for the discount nights before going out.

4.    Share your Meal

Most fine dining and fast food restaurants serve overly generous portions, which is why many opt to split the tab by sharing a meal with a friend. If you are eating out with your toddler, then order for one and share the meal with your adorable companion. Another option is to just order side dishes for your child as they are much cheaper.

5.    Feast on Appetizers

Rather than spend big bucks on entrees, opt to order a number of appetizers instead as they can also fill your tummy and tickle your taste buds. More food choices without the high price tag, now that’s my kind of meal.

As you can see, it is possible to enjoy your favorite foods without breaking your budget. You just need to follow these tips to delicious discount dinner nights.

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  1. Dave E Wilkes says

    I love good food and I’m always on the look out for eating out for less.
    I’ve come across a lot of bargains by using coupons – such as “Groupon” – although I must confess that I have also been tempted to buy at some Groupon promoted restaurants because of the savings but in real life they didn’t live up to the advertising. I don’t go back to those restaurants but I have found quite a few locally that are now regular eating haunts.
    Here in Spain most restaurants also have a “Menu del dia” (Menu of the day) where you are offered a wide choice of dishes (starter, second course and desert) together with bread and a drink all at a reduced price. They are also worth going for.
    And best of all I love to eat with friends where we can share the plates and dishes.
    Better than eating good food is to eat with with someone you love to be with.

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