How To Deal With Difficult People

If you find you have a hard time getting through the day without an acquaintance or people in general getting your goat – you may have a number of difficult people in your life. Oftentimes those difficult situations bring on a lot of negativity which is not good for the soul. Studies based on the law of attraction show that what you think about, and focus on, is what you will attract for your life; so it is important to learn how to bypass the negativity that comes with difficult people.

1. Cut Unnecessary Negativity

If there are difficult friends and people in your life which tend to bring you down consistently, it is safe to say you should do your best to sever ties with these people. For some it may be easier said than done, if it is family  or a co-worker, but if it is not, you really need to evaluate what you are getting from the relationship and if the relationship truly needs to be held onto or not.

2. Keep Conversations Light & Neutral

If you must socialize or work with a difficult person, it is best to keep your contact and conversations with the person light. Do not engage is unnecessary banter, nor take on heavy topics politics, religion or anything that can bring out strong and argumentative opinions..

3. Understand They Are Who They Are

If you are aware of their difficulties, whether they simply like to argue, be sinister or darn right rude, understand that you likely will be unable to change that negative personality trait. Rather than feeding the conflict, try killing them with kindness to me

4. Control What You Can

By understanding who the difficult person is, you understand that you are unable to control how they act, but you can control your actions and reactions. Remember, if they make a snide comment it really is not a reflection on who you are, as much as it is on who they are. Brush the comment off and do not let it get a rise out of you. Oftentimes they are searching for a reaction and feed on that. By ignoring it, you will teach them you are not a likely target. If their aggressiveness becomes out of control you can respond assertively and let them know they are not to talk to you like that, and walk away.

There is a lot of truth in the law of attraction, so by being positive and talking positive you will attract more positivity into your life and could become a repellant for the negative, difficult people in your life. So, start focusing on your glass being half full and seeing the best in everyone!

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