Cut down on your services – Pay TV Channels and Internet connections

Maybe it was a good looking salesperson that convinced you really would be missing out if you didn’t add the 24-hour mariachi channel on top of your base package and movie services. And yeah, you’ll be online finally finishing up those college courses so it’s best to have an unlimited download and data transfer package on your Internet service. Now, you’ve come to find out that you don’t have time to listen to the mariachi channel because you’re too busy watching movies the times when you don’t have an online class because you’re trying to get the most of your investment.

If you want to save some flow, try and limit your services. If I could, I’d order ESPN, Comedy Central, and the Discovery Channel and I could always have my palate cleansed. Plus, when you call up the cable company and tell them you’re thinking about dropping down from America’s Grand 1000, they’ll usually throw in a few months of free packaging anyway so your Cinco de Mayo party won’t be a total bust.

Also, it’s nice having unlimited downloads and the ability to watch Ishtar anytime you want but saving money is a lifestyle choice and you’ve got to be fully committed. Another step you’d could take is to drop your cable package altogether and keep your Internet at the maximum limit because nowadays most shows are available online only a few hours after they’ve aired. Ishtar is always pretty popular so the connection speeds to that sometimes lag but if you think outside the box, there are plenty of ways to have some spare change at the end of the month.

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