Cool Ways To Save Money In 2012

We’ve all read articles about ways to save money on a day to day basis and yes, there are some ways in which you can make small lifestyle changes to make huge savings on an annual basis. However most of these money savings tips are extremely BORING. If they were fun and interesting, we’d all be making the changes on a day to day basis and you’d never hear people complaining about their cash flow. So here are a few alternative ways to start saving money in 2012. Don’t worry, none of them involve you cutting out coffee or cycling to work!

1: Hot UK Deals

Hot UK deals is a LOT of fun and can get very addictive. If you haven’t come across it already. HOT UK deals is a platform where shoppers are invited to list their best bargain finds both on and offline. Users of the site are able to search for products locally and give ‘heat’ to products/services which they consider amazing deals. The hotter the listing, the better the deal. If you check this on a regular basis you can find some hot deals and be the first to buy a product before the rest of the general public catches on. There are some HUGE savings to be found across a variety of different products from beauty to electronics and everything in-between.


2: Vouchercloud

Vouchercloud has been around for some time now and there are several different variations effectively offering the same information. Vouchercloud is both a website and a downloadable phone app which provides information on the very best discount codes and vouchers available for both online shopping and high street purchases. If you haven’t already got the app, download it for FREE now and start making geo-targeted savings. It’s gained particular noto

riety for its restaurant vouchers, with many restaurant chains now offering their best deals via Vouchercloud and other voucher service apps.

3: Start Haggling

Haggling is a bit of a dying art form, which is a shame. Haggling is really not that difficult, and as we all know, there is nothing stopping us from haggling for anything. For some reasons there’s a bit of a negative stigma attached to haggling in the UK when there needn’t be. Haggling if anything shows a certain confidence and if you are a persuasive and light-hearted person you could make some great savings. It’s a skill that shouldn’t be frowned upon and I’d personally like to see more people haggling in 2012. You’ll find that a lot of business owners, particular in niche indu

stries are quite happy for people to haggle and it builds a certain relationship with a customer that can’t be replicated online.

4: Buy and Trade Entertainment Products

If you find you spend a lot of money on entertainment products such as CDs, DVDs and video games, 2012 might be the year where you stop hording all of those discs and start trading them back in for store credit or rewards. Most entertainment shops now offer some kind of membership or customer rewards scheme for those who regularly trade in products. You will then find you can get some of the latest releases at no cost at all. If you become smart you can start buying and trading between entertainment stores and actually make money.

5:Start Streaming Movies and Music

As an alternative to point number 4, you might want to stop buying physical copies of games and movies altogether. With services such as Spotify and Blinkbox you no longer have to go out and buy albums or films and can stream them once at a relatively low cost or subscription with relative ease. This is ideal for those who want to save time and want to save a couple of pounds by essentially renting rather than buying a product. Streaming is also becoming popular with sports fans as you may want to rent only your team’s games through their websites rather than pay for a more expensive TV package.

Scott is a writer who specialises in information regarding adverse credit cards in the uk and uk credit card applications.


  1. Jill Johnson says

    Haggling is nothing to be ashamed of. It worked when I bought a car so I thought why not try it on other things.

    However I have found it is easier to haggle in some types of stores than others and small shops operated by the owners are the easiest.

    But I have also been told to leave a few shops. 🙂


  2. Tiffany Copy says

    Well I have already cut 2 of my credit cards. And I think by following your suggestion I can save a lot of money this year.

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