Combine Your Services – Get It All On One Bill And Save Money

When you first got your house connected to the outside world, it probably looked like you were some Mafia kingpin running a money laundering service out of the comfort of your home. On your front lawn you had a covert cable TV truck, the phone guy, and Internet service technician all slowly taking their time getting you online.

Not only did you waste your money paying for three different setup fees, if anything goes wrong, you’ll have to make separate calls to get them fixed and potentially pay for three different service calls depending on how horrendous your plan is. .

A great way of saving money is to put all your services into one convenient combo basket. Media is a large and competitive market and of those three guys who did the installation at your house, more than likely one of them is out of a job or has had his hours cut. In order to expand their business, companies are opening the door for services provided and you can usually get your phone, TV, and Internet through one company.

Combine bills = saving money:

This not only reduces set up fees, it saves you money in case your bets with the Laundromat bookie didn’t win out and you ended up a little short on cash for the month. Instead of paying three late charges, you’re only stuck with one and that’s what we refer to in the business as being irresponsibly frugal!

combine services

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