Clean Windows and Mirrors the Cheap and Natural Way

I know allot of people have different ways to clean windows and use all sorts of chemicals. All I use is a bucket of soapy water, a sponge, a window washer blade, and a small towel. No need to buy window washing chemicals.
All you do then is wipe down the window with the sponge and soapy water. Then use the Window washer blade to remove it, hopefully without leaving streaks. Finally use the towel to wipe up any drips to the floor and to wipe down window sills.

I have tried the good old newspaper and water, vinegar, or metho, but that is too much hard work for me.

Instead of using a sponge, I use a window washer blade with a sponge attached, but I still use the blade without the sponge for the finishing touches as they work better.
And make sure you have a good quality window blade as a good one will make the job easy!


  1. zoe says

    I havent heard that one, but i will give it a go.
    The way i do my windows, ( if i ever get a chance!) is I get an empty spray bottle, use one part metho, to about 9 parts vinegar. Just spray on the window, and with old newspaer polish in circular motions and there are not any streaks to be seen. but this is really only good inside where there isnt much hard grime, just finger prints and face marks!!!

    Does your method get off all the dust and grime from the outside windows?

  2. Kelly says

    Hey I tried this and it worked great! OMG I am shocked at how easy it is…And it costs nothing and is easy than the newspaper way.

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