Cheap Holidays Activities for Kids

It’s Holiday time, which means entertaining the kids.  All kids love Holidays especially when they receive gifts, toys, and a lot of presents.  Let them realized that Holiday isn’t just the time of giving and receiving gifts, it’s also the time to cherish every moment with your loved ones without spending a fortune.

Here are some ways that I can suggest for you to have a good, fun holiday without breaking the bank:

1.    Watch DVD’s.

You can watch a good movie together in your house; just grab some snacks or an ice cream. This way you will have some bonding time with each member of your family.

2.    Outdoor activities.

You can prepare some outdoor activities like, Frisbee catching; kite flying. Kids will surely enjoy this.  You can also do picnics, visit a playground. There are lots of things you can do outside your house if the weather permits. When it’s winter time and snowing, you can build snowmen or organize a snowball, but make sure they are wearing proper clothes so that their toes and fingers won’t get frozen. You can also find a place nearby that you can go skiing or you can check the listings for a nearby sledding runs.

3.    Let them Participate in the preparation.

Bring your kids in your kitchen and let them help in preparing some food, like cup cake, cookies, or cake. Let them prepare some simple food and make them eat what they had baked or cooked. I’m sure they will have fun doing this.  Who knows you might have a good chef someday.

4.    Gift Opening.

You can make their gift opening a lot more fun by adding and preparing some games where the winner wins a wrapped price and in the end everyone has something to open. I also collect little bonuses for gifts for the kids. Like buying 2 cokes and get a free yo-yo. Kill two birds with one stone.

5.    Art Crafts.

You can also introduce your kids to art and crafts like making cards, elf hats or reindeer antler. The kids will be entertained, but make sure the craft making is easy, simple and fast because kids gets bored easily.

You can always make your kids holiday fun and exciting without worrying about your budget. Always remember that the best gift that you can give your kids is your time.

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