Cheap DIY home repairs that can save you money.

Everyone wishes they had their own live in handyman, but sadly this is not always possible. But don’t panic, you can still do certain jobs around the house that are easy for anyone to do.

  • Repair things quickly before they end up damaged beyond repair.
  • Research how to do something on the internet. Believe it or not how to do most things are on there. You can even see how to change your oil in your car on Youtube.
  • Everyone can fill holes in plaster and use a paint brush. Stop making excuses. 
  • Most repair jobs take more manual labor than skill.

One little leaking tap can cost you big time if you have to call a handyman to do the job. They all have a minimum callout fee you know! A leaking tap is usually a matter of replacing a washer so what I did was when I was buying the washer, I grilled the hardware salesperson for all the details on how to do it. The hardware was trying to run away from me, however in the end I saved between $100 and $200. Now whats wrong with that?


  1. Ben says

    Hi Mitz,

    We’re all for DIY in our house, if I can do the job myself I don’t see why I need to pay someone several hundred dollars to do it for me. There are so many self help type books for the DIY’er these days that there’s really no excuse. The only time I “employ” someone these days is to do the really big jobs or the ones which MUST have a qualified professional to do them, electrics and plumbing being one of those jobs.

    All the best

  2. Alonzo says

    I tried out the cheap do it yourself repairs but unfortunately, I don’t have the blue collar hands. I decided to invest on getting tools but I still can’t make my projects look good!

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