Why is everyone keeping up with the Jones’s?


Have you got a 106cm High Definition Flat Screen TV, or a car that costs half as much as a house. How many Televisions have you got and do you even know? Does your mobile phone take pictures, play music, and browse the internet? Well if your last name isn’t Jones, then why are you […]

Save You’re Hard Earned Money – 5 Tips To Control Your Expenses

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It should be everyones goal to save money throughout their lives. Earing a dollar is not always easy and you should always think twice when parting with this hard earned cash. Who said money doesn’t buy you happiness. I am never happy when I have bills to pay and no money to pay them. Therefore we […]

4 Tips on how to handle your money in facing the financial crisis


The global financial crisis has affected every economy and society throughout the world. It is the need of the hour to immediately turn over to the strategies that can help you in facing the crisis in a better way. 1. Primary needs first than the secondary needs Begin with simple elements like opt for public […]

Top 10 Credit Cards Ads Which Encourage You to Get into Debt


Credit card advertisers have a uniquely difficult job – they are selling something that no one in the world wants, credit card debt. Therefore, many take the route of talking about anything and everything but the actual debt, repayments and interest rate, and the results are some very clever and quite funny commercials. Following are […]

New Years Resolution Stop My Children From Spending Money


My news years resolutions just fade away into no-where land, however I lowered my spending habbits in 2009 and now intend to do better in 2010. This a new years resolution that I think I can keep it. In 2009 I paid off about 15,000.00 worth of debt, not including the home mortgage so I […]