5 Ways To Help Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

Petrol and diesel prices increase steadily in the UK every year, and that means the cost of motoring is just as steadily on the rise. There’s not a lot the average driver can do to affect the world oil markets, but there’s a handful of measures you can take to ensure you get the most […]

4 Driving Techniques To Save You Gas

As the increasing prices of gas show no sign of slowing down, and now more motorists are looking for driving techniques that will save their gas. Some go the extreme and make a sport out of covering the most distance using the least amount of gas possible. The best hypermilers manage to eke out every […]

Saving Money on Gas

Only buy or fill up your car with Gas (petrol) in the early morning when the ground  temperature is still cold..thus saving money on Gas Remember that all  Service Stations have their storage tanks buried beneath the ground.   The colder the ground the more dense the fuel.    When it gets warmer Gas ( petrol) expands, […]

5 tips to save more money on petrol costs!!

The price of Gas, Petrol, and diesel has skyrocketed in 2008. This has really got everyone thinking of new ways to save fuel. Not everyone has the luxury of driving around in a solar powered car. The number one way to save money on petrol costs would be to simply stay home. I don’t mean […]