Best ways to save money when you shop for your kids

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Shopping for your kids is a very tough job. Often you buy expensive things and your kids don’t like them or value them enough. So as long as your kid doesn’t ask for something in particular, your target should be to buy the best economical stuff in the market. The first 15 years of your […]

A sneaky trick to help your children save money or delay spending


This trick is not really anything special. I actually made it up one day when I was fed up with my daughter just blowing all of her money on junk. I had to give her fifty dollars as a reward for getting an almost perfect school report, however I held it off as long as […]

The Worst Personal Finance Advice


Often it is hard to tell bad advice until after you’ve followed it, however when it comes to your finances you can’t afford to follow advice in the hopes that it will be good – you have to know before you take the advice whether it is bad. When it comes to the worst personal […]

Become a good money role model for your children


We all know children are not born knowing how to handle money. We need to teach them. Everything we do and say is being recorded by a child’s brain. They are always watching their role models and pick up similar traits and habits. If you cannot manage your money, then how do you expect your […]