6 Tips For An Affordable Renovation


In tough economic times, the need to save money often trumps important home repairs and renovations, but . It is possible to perform these tasks in an affordable manner, simply by following these six simple tips: 1. Purchase your own building materials When you purchase your own building materials for your renovation, you control the […]

7 Energy Hungry Appliances in the Kitchen


With the cost of living on a seemingly continual upward curve, limiting the amount of energy we use in our homes is becoming increasingly important and Energy Hungry Appliances need to be carefully monitored. Although the majority of today’s household appliances are much more energy-efficient than their predecessors, it is still worth knowing which are […]

Furnishing Your House On The Cheap – 6 Tips


Everyone wants a designer home but unfortunately not everyone can afford such luxuries. For those wanting to make a few home improvements on a small budget then look no further. 1. Bargain Everyone is well aware of the current financial climate and fortunately for customers it’s not only them who are affected. Businesses are feeling […]