How to claim and fill out the educational tax refund from the tax department.


We have all heard about the new Educational tax refund that the Australian government is offering but how do you claim? Obviously the first thing you must do if you want to claim expenses with the education tax rebate is to keep receipts of all your eligible purchases. Then at tax time, parents can simply […]

Education Tax Refund from the Australian government.


This year we have another bonus coming our way. An Education tax refund for items that we purchase for our children’s education. This education tax refund lets you claim up to 50% of eligible education expenses for school children.   Who is eligible for this education tax refund? If you care for a child that […]

Is the government $8,000.00 solar power rebate finished?


If you didn’t know about the $8,000.00 rebate for a solar power unit for home owners, you must be living under a rock. It is an amazing offer but is it at risk of finishing up early. There is a new solar power rebate for 2011. To qualify applicants must: Be the homeowner or mortgagee of the […]

Kevin Rud encourages spending the $1000 Christmas bonus for families and pensioners?


Kevin Rudd, Australia’s recently elected Prime Minister has delt out a Christmas bonus for families with children and pensioners. Families will receive $1000 per dependent child and pensioner get $1400 if they are single and $2100 for a couple. This sounds great, however now he is encouraging everyone to go out and spend it all […]