Why Are Homeowners So Scared Of Mold?


To those without direct experience with mold in a home, it can seem to be little more than slight nuisance. After all, we all have seen mold on food, and it does not seem terribly malicious. However, homeowners and real estate agents understand just how dangerous mold can be, those who have dealt with a […]

11 Ways To Freshen Up Your Kitchen This Spring


When spring time comes along we are all looking for ways to refresh our home space. The kitchen is the area of the home that people congregate and mingle, so take some time this season to give your food haven the revamp that it needs. This way, when friends and family come together for upcoming […]

How to Renovate on a Budget

Collect the Rubbish to Chuck in your Skip Bin

Home renovations are costly undertakings; ask anyone who has had them done and they will tell you that it’s not often very cheap. The first thing you should do is make sure that your renovations are actually going to improve the value of your house. Some people need everything done for them but if you’re […]

Easy Steps On Tiling Your Kitchen Floor


Easy Steps On Tiling Your Kitchen Floor Tiling is one job that most people would rather not learn how to do since it can be scary that you make some mistakes in the process. However, it is actually a lot easier than what many might think. In fact, it can save you a whole lot […]

Easy Do-It-Yourself Paint Repairs


Easy Do-It-Yourself Paint Repairs Paint is considered to be the clothes of your house. Although paint problems may look ugly and major, you can actually be saved from the obligation of calling a professional painter and spending huge amounts of money on them. You yourself can be your very own Picasso in doing paint retouches […]