Homemade Remedies With Honey and Cinnamon


Cinnamon and Honey…! Drug companies won’t like this one getting around. Facts on Honey and Cinnamon:It is found that a mix of honey and cinnamon cures most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also note honey as very effective medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey […]

45 Ways To Use Vinegar

cleaning with vinegar

1. Freshen up the fridge. Clean the shelves and walls with a solution of half water and half vinegar. 2. Brighten coffee cups and teacups. Gently scrub stains with equal parts vinegar and salt (or baking soda). 3. Eliminate odors. Swab plastic containers with a cloth dampened with vinegar. 4. Kill bathroom germs. Spray full-strength […]

Saving Money on Gas

Only buy or fill up your car with Gas (petrol) in the early morning when the ground  temperature is still cold..thus saving money on Gas Remember that all  Service Stations have their storage tanks buried beneath the ground.   The colder the ground the more dense the fuel.    When it gets warmer Gas ( petrol) expands, […]