Do You Need To Hire Movers or Do It Yourself? 5 Questions To Ask

moving house

Moving takes planning and special arrangements or it can end up being a colossal hassle, and when figuring out all the details one of the issues to consider will be whether to hire movers or do it yourself? Sometimes a move can be accomplished without the help of any movers at all while other moves […]

10 Questions To Ask Your Mortage Lender

Dream home

For most of us our mortgage is the biggest and longest term commitment that we have and so getting the best possible deal is a necessity. Understanding the smaller details of a mortgage and how it works will help you get the best deal – so, let’s take a look at what you should ask. […]

Buying A Repossessed House

home repossessed

House prices are considerably lower than they were in 2007. The recession has hit the property market hard and there are now more repossessions than ever with many of the properties repossessed with negative equity because of the drop in perceived house value. The lack of liquidity in the market is definitely hurting house prices, […]

How downsizing your house can save you money in the long run

cubby house

Many people are trying to save money in every way that they can. People are taking shorter trips, taking less time off, even cutting their lunch breaks short so that they can seem like they still have the same drive and fire for their jobs that they once had. It’s a little backwards because in […]

5 Things To Consider Before Letting Your House Out


The rental market is stronger than ever at the moment as it takes advantage of the weak buying market. With people either unable to afford their own home or home owners reluctant to settle for a lower value when selling, it really is a landlords market at the right now. If you’re thinking of letting […]