Cancelling workers compensation coverage – slugged a fee of $250

I recently sold a part of a business in Queensland, Australia and the business name and all the major details remained mine. I needed to cancel a few different registrations and licences and one of them was the workers compensation I was paying to cover the employees I had.

It was a lightly staffed business and the full years fee for the workers compensation was around $350. Anyway I rang to cancel the policy one month into the year, so I assumed I would pay for one month coverage. But no, this way too easy.

Workers compensation minimum fee for a year is $250 so that’s what I have to pay…When I heard this I was more than shocked. What an absolute rip off to a small business owner. I consider this a crime and there could be no reason to take $250 from a person when you are not giving them anything in return.

I may as well pay the yearly fee and go out and employ more people. That’s how mad I am about this.

At the moment I feel like the government can charge you any fee they like and if you do not pay it, you are the criminal.


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