Can you freeze roast chicken?

roast chicken

roast chicken

We all know we can freeze raw chicken in all its shapes and forms, but can we freeze a roast chicken? You know the cooked roast chicken you might buy from the supermarket. Well I freeze them whole and just pull one out of the freezer when I need it. Its an absolute lifesaver when you are scratching your head wondering what to cook for dinner.

I personally wouldn’t leave a cooked roast chicken in the freezer for more than a month. But if it has just been in the freezer for a few weeks, when defrosted properly it can taste as fresh as the day you bought it.

How to defrost a whole roast chicken?

This is very important. You must defrost the roast chicken in the fridge. If you defrost it in the microwave or try to rush it and use hot water, you will ruin the chicken. The best way to get a tender, fresh chikcken is to give it at least 4 hours to defrost in the fridge. Sometimes more. This will make your roast chicken tasty and visitors would not even know it had been frozen.

If you do try to rush this process it makes the roast chicken dry and stringy and sometimes even tasting like it is full of water.

Can you freeze broken up roast chicken?

You can freeze broken up roast chicken slices or pieces however this does make the chicken a bit dryer. It seems to taste better if you freeze a whole roast chicken and then when it is defrosted you can break it up. Of course I still freeze broken up roast chicken and use it for chicken and mayo sandwiches. That way it still tastes great. Another thing I use it for is cheesy noodles with chicken for the kids or even chicken soup.

What can you do with roast chicken that has been frozen?

  1. Defrost your chicken whole in the fridge and cut it into pieces and have chicken and salad on a plate.
  2. Break it up for sandwiches. Chicken and mayo, chicken and salad, etc..
  3. Use the leftovers for chicken soup.
  4. Make chicken and pasta bake.
  5. Make chicken tacos.
  6. Chicken, cheese, and onion toasted sandwiches.

What do you do with your roast chicken? Got any good ideas?


  1. mitz says

    I forgot to mention that when freezing any food make sure it is wrapped up securely and tight. Uncovered food in the freezer can ruin quickly.

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