Can Solar Power for your Home Save you Money?

The sun is projected to be the leading source of energy in future innovations.   That’s because of the many benefits that come with using solar energy.  The sun provides optimal efficiency by producing a never ending supply of energy.  The sun’s energy can also be stored for future use.   On top of that, it costs no money to use.  This makes solar energy the cheapest, most natural way to power your home.

What is solar power?

Solar power is energy that comes from the sun.  It is the most abundant kind of energy out there. In California’s New Solar Home partnership, a solar powered house is defined as a highly efficient home that uses photovoltaic modules to generate energy from the sun.   More and more people are converting their homes to absorb the rays of the sun.  This is due to all the environmental and monetary advantages that comes with a solar powered home.

What are the benefits of using solar power?

Using the sun’s natural light as power leaves no waste or pollution behind.  This is a great benefit to the environment.  Monetarily, it can drastically reduce your electric bill.  In communities where solar power is used, the residents of these communities have experienced as much as a 60% drop in their electric bill.   You’ll never need to replace the sun so the energy is a free as air.  Solar energy is easy to maintain which leaves no high costs for repairs. So the answer is, yes, solar power can help you save money in your home.

How can you turn your house into a solar powered home?

The installation of solar equipment in your home can be costly but just think of it as an investment.  You’ll make the money back with all the money you’ll be saving on electricity. There are different ways to use solar power in your home.  Solar panels, which are also comprised of photovoltaic cells, are most commonly used to draw energy from the sun.  Some people have solar water heaters installed on their roofs which use the heat from the sun as power rather than sunlight.  Using a solar furnace is another way but this way isn’t good for homes due to the fact that it concentrates the sun’s energy in only one place.  solar power for your home

If you can’t afford to purchase any of these, then make your own.  Making your own solar panels is going to be less efficient but it is another option if you’re not ready to pay the upfront cost that comes with installation.  It is also a fun experiment if you just want to see how solar power works.  You can purchase photovoltaic cells at any Radio Shack and any additional materials at a hardware store.  With the right materials, you can easily cook and even heat water using solar energy.

The benefits of using solar power in your home are undeniable.    Even if you’re not ready to make the change right now, you should definitely consider it for the future.   It’s very likely that solar power will end up being the main source of energy in our homes. You can say goodbye to those pesky electricity bills.


  1. Grady Pruitt says

    I’ve been thinking of trying solar panels myself. Still need to figure how to come up with the initial cost of the panels, but I think they would be worth the investment.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      It will be as I have them…BUT …I have heard rumors that the money you earn from feeding the power back to the grid is taxable income…Thats ok but I am wondering how far they will go with it…The governments seem to implement more fees when they see a loophole.

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