Best Lifestyle Blogs You Should Read

Blogs are a great escape but sometimes it can be tricky to find ones that are new and original…but fear no more! The best lifestyle blogs from travel to beauty have been hand selected for you here – all you need to do is click, read, and enjoy.

Random Good Stuff

If you’re interesting in unusual gadgets and quirky innovations then you’ll spend hours on this website. You will find everything from interior design, to unusual gift ideas to funny photography and random events. As you browse the site, you’ll either be thinking “what loser thought that would be a good invention?” or “why didn’t I think of that first?”. Sometimes, it is a bit of column A and a bit of column B.


Growing with Plants

Who would have thought that one man’s journey to create the ultimate glasshouse would be so intriguing? Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the photography on the site is absolutely mesmerising and the blog is very well written. With every paragraph, you will learn something new about horticulture and might even be inspired to have a go in the backyard yourself. There’s no doubt that these unusual flowers and plants will have you entertained for hours.

Fresh Home

Fresh Home is the place to go for all the most amazing architecture and design inspiration. Check out interior renovations to some of the most rustic Italian villas to unique Australian mansions. If you’re only interested in looking at bathrooms or bedrooms or maybe kitchens, choose from one of the easy navigation tabs at the top of the site. The variety of renovation styles and approaches are super entertaining if you’re just there for a browse, but actually very helpful if you’re thinking of undertaking a renovation yourself.

Inside the Travel Lab

Once inside the travel lab, you can chose to click on headings such as “make me think”, “tempt me” and “make me smile”. How could any of those things be bad? With once visit to the lab, you’ll be a fully-fledged addict. A special mention to the photographer and brave blogger who ditched his career as a doctor to spend life as a journalist on the road.

Beauty and the Blog

Any questions you need answered about hair and make-up can be found on this life-saving blog. You’ll learn things about beauty that you had never even thought of before. For example, did you know that the make-up rules change if you are wearing glasses? Or that you can plump your lips naturally without looking like a bee-sting victim? There’s plenty more interesting things to learn on this site and you’ll be a beauty pro in no time.

Sarah Paige is a media student and writer who is currently looking here for real estate. She can’t wait to get started on her own lifestyle blog once she moves in!

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