BBQ Catering: Get Restaurant Quality BBQ Without Leaving Your Home

Who can refuse the food served up at a barbeque restaurant? As much as you try to replicate the food at home, you always seem to fall short. Sloppy salads or burnt chicken might not be a big deal when you’re cooking for your immediate family, but when you’re hosting an event for friends and family you’ll want to get it right. The solution is to the hire a barbeque caterer, or order from the restaurant in order to get the same great tasting food at home. Make sure that they offer options for all your favorite sides, so you won’t have to lift a finger where the food is concerned.

Meats and Sides

Don’t limit the catering to the usual chicken, steak, ribs and brisket. Ask about the possibility of ordering sliced meats, sausages and pork to serve with sandwiches. This provides your guests with several additional options for the meal. Although you can opt to only have the meats catered, it is a good idea to have them prepare the sides as well. Baked beans, potato salad, mac and cheese, corn on the cob, fries and corn bread are just some of the must have sides.

Drinks and Condiments

Most people can agree that the sauces and condiments are what differentiate a restaurant style barbeque from what you make at home. Ask the caterer to set up the condiments, onions, pickles, breads, desserts and drinks. This will increase your costs, but some caterers provide a package deal which will help you save on this full service catering. In some cases catering these extras might even cost less that you purchasing and preparing everything else on your own.


A caterer that delivers and sets up a designated area with the food could be a life saver if you have other things to take care of. The caterers are professionals and will have an eye for presentation that is beyond the capacity of the average person. Of course, having them deliver and setup would immediately give away the fact that you didn’t prepare the great tasting food at home.


Want to make sure that you have enough food for everyone and that everyone gets served in a timely manner? Ask your caterer about serving the food. You can have them serve plates of food around the party or oversee the buffet style layout to keep the line flowing. They will ensure that the area stays clean and tidy, right up until that time when all the food is served. Knowing that the food is well taken care of by professionals will give you the ability to relax and enjoy your party.


The convenience of barbeque catering will ensure that you have restaurant style food to serve up at your next event. You won’t have to worry about preparing, serving and clean up after the party. All this convenience comes at a cost though, so examine your budget carefully to see what aspects of the service you can afford, and what you’ll have to do without.

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