How downsizing your house can save you money in the long run

cubby house

Many people are trying to save money in every way that they can. People are taking shorter trips, taking less time off, even cutting their lunch breaks short so that they can seem like they still have the same drive and fire for their jobs that they once had. It’s a little backwards because in […]

Laser eye surgery vs glasses – how do the costs compare in the long run

Contacts and Glasses

Health is an area where many people have the ability to tighten their belts. No one wants to be cheap when their and their family’s health is in question but there are a number of ways to save money in this area while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If this topic interests you, also check out […]

How to Renovate on a Budget

Collect the Rubbish to Chuck in your Skip Bin

Home renovations are costly undertakings; ask anyone who has had them done and they will tell you that it’s not often very cheap. The first thing you should do is make sure that your renovations are actually going to improve the value of your house. Some people need everything done for them but if you’re […]