Paywave Technology – The Spend Money Devil In Disguise

Paywave: the technology where you wave your credit card or eftpos paywave enabled card in front of an eftpos machine to pay for a purchase. Seems like a simple and straightforward invention, but is it a spend money devil in disguise? At first people embraced the new technology and started to wave cards around everywhere […]

Have EMA Shares Been Suspended From The ASX?

I logged into my shares account today and noticed that EMA (Energy and Minerals Australia Ltd) was showing a price of ZERO dollars. It shows that I have lost $519.56 today, while yesterday the shares were in profit. No one likes losing that much money in one day! I had to investigate. Unfortunately there was no […]

Homemade Mosquito (mossie) Spray to Save Money

Why buy expensive mossie spray when you can make it yourself very cheaply. I make may own homemade mosquito repellent and it keeps the mossies, sand flies, and flies away. I am one of those people that always get bitten by insects, when everyone else can’t feel a thing. Here I am scratching and slapping myself while other people […]