A sneaky trick to help your children save money or delay spending

This trick is not really anything special. I actually made it up one day when I was fed up with my daughter just blowing all of her money on junk.

I had to give her fifty dollars as a reward for getting an almost perfect school report, however I held it off as long as I possibly could. So when she asked for the reward I had promised I started to think how I could slow down the disappearance of the $50 note I was about to give her.

I had already stalled her for a few weeks, saying I didn’t have the money, or that I had to get it out of the bank. I know this sounds like a scam on my part, but if only you knew what money this teenager wastes. Anyway I thought for a while and came up with no more delay tactics until I went to my purse and pulled out the $50 note. When removing the note from the purse it tore in half. For a moment I thought to myself, “oh no, I can’t give her that”, and then it hit me.

I quickly went around the house searching for a roll of sticky tape, which any normal person would use to fix the broken note. Not me though. I grabbed any sticky tape I could find and hid it all where my daughter would not find it. Then I went to her and gave her the broken $50 note, explaining how it had torn, but would be alright to use once stuck back together. Of course she did not mind because she knew it would be easy to fix.

My brilliant plan worked for a few days as she could not find the sticky tape, and being a teenager, was too lazy to do anything about it. My $50 survived 100% longer and I was happy. This would delay my daughter from asking me for money for a few more days as I would just say “but you have $50, you do not need my money” .

After I had played this little money saving trick, I started to think of more ways to do a similar thing:

1. Glue some money together (coins) with water based PVA glue so it can be dissolved later to use the money.

2. Freeze the money in a block of ice like the people freeze their credit cards.

3. Transfer the money through internet banking so there is no cash laying around. A bank that does not have an ATM card attached.

4. Put it in a moneybox that they would have to smash to get the money out of.

5. Hide the money in the house and let them search for it for hours.

Here is a picture of the $50 note after she had taped it together..There’s another delay tactic. Ask if you can take a photo of the note…LOL

money saving tricks

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